Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

Mouse and Keyboard Recorder 3.2

Record mouse movements and keyboard movements for repetitive tasks
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There are many repetitive tasks that we need to do on our computer, such as open certain programs, activate certain functions, and so on. Many of them require only a series of mouse clicks and/or keyboard strokes. This program helps us to automatize some of these tasks. It records mouse movements and keyboard strokes and can repeat these actions once or repeatedly at preset times, so we can rest assured that the required tasks are carried out even when we are away from our computer.

The program is easy to use. We only need to open it, click on the Record button, or use the predefined hotkeys. The program will record all our mouse movements, and then it will repeat them when we click on the Repeat button. To stop the recording, we need to click on the button that appears on the lower right corner of our desktop. Once the recording process has finished, we can save the file and then open it when required. We can also delete and edit the file according to our needs.

It is also possible to record key combinations so the program can repeat the same action once and again.

In general, it is a good and useful program. Nevertheless, an error message appeared every time the program repeated a recording, as if I was trying to control the mouse, when in fact I was not. Other than that, the program can be useful for you if you perform many repetitive tasks on your computer on a daily basis.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It is useful for repetitive tasks
  • The installation file is small


  • It showed an error message every time I tried to play the recorded file, as if I was moving the mouse, even if I wasn't
  • The interface is kind of dull, although this does not interfere with the program's functions
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